California deputies shoot and kill homeless man accused of reaching for officer’s gun, video shows

When deputies attempted to detain him, the man allegedly tried to grab an officer’s gun

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department released new video Wednesday of a September shooting that left one man dead after two homeless liaison officers stopped him for allegedly jaywalking.

As the officers attempted to apprehend the man, one deputy said he grabbed his gun, prompting the other officer to fire two shots. 

The new video includes dashcam footage, a cellphone video, and surveillance video of the shooting that killed Kurt Reinhold, a 42-year-old Black man. 

Dashcam footage of the incident shows two deputies, both from the Homeless Outreach Team, observing Reinhold across the street and debating whether he is jaywalking. 

“Watch this. He’s going to jaywalk,” one deputy says shortly after 1 p.m. The officers then discuss whether he’s actually jaywalking, with one saying, “It’s controlled,” and the other saying, “I don’t know, dude … he just stopped in the middle.”

Amid the debate, one deputy starts driving towards the man and an officer says, “Don’t make case law.”

The officers then pull up to Reinhold, who is standing on the sidewalk, and the three men go out of frame but their audio can still be heard.

Reinhold appears confused as to why they are stopping him, saying, “For what? … Where? Where? … I mean, why are you stopping me? … Stop touching me.”

The officers repeatedly tell him to stop, “Sit down … Because you’re jaywalking, get over there on the sidewalk. … Are you going to stop or are we going to have to make you stop?”


A bystander’s cellphone video shows Reinhold walking away from the police and swatting away the officers’ hands as they attempt to detain him. Approximately two-and-a-half minutes after the interaction began, the deputies tackled Reinhold to the ground. 

As the three men struggled on the ground, surveillance video from a nearby hotel shows Reinhold’s hand near or on an officer’s holster. The deputy says, “He’s got my gun.” Shortly after that, a deputy fires two shots roughly seven seconds apart. 

After shooting Reinhold, the deputies start performing CPR on him. He was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is leading the primary investigation into the shooting. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department homicide detail is also investigating and an internal administrative investigation is underway as well. 

The Sept. 23 shooting sparked protests amid national unrest over police violence. 


The family of Reinhold filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the sheriff’s office in December, according to the Orange County Register

“The deputies who shot and killed Kurt did the exact opposite of what well-trained officers are expected to do,” Neil Gehlawat, one of the attorneys representing Reinhold’s family, told the newspaper. “This lawsuit not only aims to expose the injustice surrounding Kurt’s death, but also the lack of adequate training provided to these deputies.”

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